Let me share some Interesting Facts about Tuxedo Cat, and many cute photos of my cat – Shadow. They are known for their two-color (black and white), few of them are gray or silver. They can also be described as two-color cats. Although tuxedo cats do not have to be all black and white, they must have a brindle color to be included in this category.

The most common Tuxedo Cat is that they have white claws, white chest, white whiskers and a white belly.

Want to know what’s the daily life of a cat slave looks like? Take a look at the following photos, selected by the owner.

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Most of the cat photos are from Canon cameras, and the rest are taken by a Samsung mobile phone. You can easily tell the differences.

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Tuxedo Cat Personality

Tuxedo Cat has a friendly and easy-going temperament. They are also described as naughty, talkative, loyal and dog-like.

Tuxedo Cat seemed to dress in formal clothes when they were born, looked handsome and cute. Kittens are friendly, easy-going and more laid-back than other kittens.

Another interesting thing is that they tend to grow faster than other cats. It usually takes one to two weeks for kittens to open their eyes after birth, but newborn tuxedos open their eyes on average 24 hours earlier than other cats. Wow!

Tuxedo cats are not a breed

They are actually bicolor cats. Bicolor cats are composed of two colors. In this case, the main color is black, and only the chest and paws are white.

Their lifespan

Their lifespan is about 10-15 years.

The number of male/female cats is approximately equal

Although their clothing (color) may appear masculine, half of them are female. Unlike orange tabbies that have more males, or calico cats that have more females, tuxedo cats have an even gender ratio.

Most Tuxedo Cats have white whiskers

Their white whiskers are usually on their black faces, which is very cute. Although most cats are like this, it looks particularly prominent on Tuxedo Cats.

Worshipped by ancient Egypt

70% of the cats depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs and artworks are Tuxedo cats. Maybe the Egyptians believe that they represent god. They were popular in Egypt before the word “tuxedo” even exists.

Millionaire's Tuxedo Cat

In 1998, when the cat owner died, the cat – Sparky inherited $6.3 million. It is safe to say that Sparky is the richest Tuxedo Cat in the 90s.

They were once war heroes

Simon, who sailed with the Royal Navy during the Chinese Civil War in 1949, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal.

Famous Owner

William Shakespeare, Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, even former US President Bill Clinton, they had Tuxedo Cat.

Used to live in the White House

As mentioned above, Chelsea Clinton – daughter of former US President Clinton, her cat – Socks once lived in the White House. Became the mascot of the White House website during the Clinton era.


The following is a black and white photos taken by owner

Click the picture to enlarge the cat photo, if you want to use my photos, without watermark, no compressed version, you can contact me.

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The photos are relatively large, please be patient. thanks .


His name is Shadow and he was born in Belgium in 2012. He is a bit chubby, weighs 7 kg, what he is good at is stealing your blanket in the middle of the night, and he likes to eat Whiskas the most. He doesn’t like strangers very much. Every time he sees a visitor, he will run to the bottom of the bed in 9 seconds until the stranger leaves. When he see birds, he never blinked. NEVER. If you play “Staring Contest” with him, you will definitely lose! He rarely meow, but he makes other funny sounds. He can scream like a wolf?, it’s true! But when he sees a dog, he become very angry. That’s my funny Tuxedo Cat. Meow!

More interesting photos of my tuxedo cat

燕尾服 | 禮服貓圖片

Shadow's favorite toy.


You cannot see me, you cannot see me.


I can't get out.


Gentleman Shadow


I ordered double cheese burger, not this.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓相片

My Castle.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓相片

Selfie time.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓圖片

Can I kick him out?


Shadow and his Comfort Zone.


I am too full, I can't get up.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓相片

This is the legendary Cat Cave.

燕尾服 / 禮服貓圖片

The cat's speed is too fast, the 1/4000 shutter speed can't catch him.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓相片

Your bed belong to me.


What are these? I don't eat cookies.


He likes to watch TV.


Programming is not easy.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓圖片

Please go to public toilet if you want to wash your hands.


People said that cats are clean.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓相片

Instagram Pose。


This McDonald's bag is mine.


When cat meets drug - CatNip。

燕尾服 / 禮服貓圖片

I am drunk, I cannot get up.


Kung Fu cat.

燕尾服 | 禮服貓相片

Enjoying The Sun.


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