Responsive Website that works on most mobile devices and browsers, Retina Ready, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JQuery, Bootstrap Framework, Wordpress, Woocommerce, SEO, Google Web Master, Advertisement(Adwords and Adsense), Multilingual Website and more.


Product Shoot, Landscape Photography, Real Estate, Photos Retouch or any images for advertisement and websites. I can also do Video Editing. You can see my videos here.


If you want your business go global, having a multilingual website is a must, I can translate your content to English, Chinese[Mandarin (Simplified Chinese) / Cantonese (Traditional Chinese)] and Dutch. If you have a Wordpress website and don't know how to add more languages, I can help you too.


Want to open your own online shop without paying fee? I can setup Woocommerce for you very quick, you can start uploading your products and sell them to anyone in the world. You will be the boss, everything you earn will be 100% in your pocket, without paying extra fee to some e-commerce companies.


If you are not familiar with Google Products, I can help you become an expert, Social Media Marketing on Google Plus, Control your website on Google WebMaster, Advertisement on Google Adwords, Earn extra income from Adsense, Join Youtube Partner and more.


Never get blacklisted by Google, gaining more traffic on websites. Rank high on Google, keyword, inbound/outbound links, image alt tag, meta tag and more.


If you have no knowledge of coding or having some CSS issus, I can help and make you website the way you want.


I can produce music and sound design for your APP, Game, TV and Videos. Noise reduction, audio editing/mixing and convert audio files.