Louvre Museum Night Photography – The Louvre or the Louvre Museum is the world’s largest museum and a historic monument in Paris, France. The museum opened on 10 August 1793, the first anniversary of the monarchy’s demise.

The Louvre has three entrances: the main entrance at the pyramid, an entrance from the Carrousel du Louvre underground shopping mall, and an entrance at the Porte des Lions. Under the main entrance to the museum is the Carrousel du Louvre (a shopping mall). It has the first Apple Store in France, and a McDonald’s restaurant, but it has created controversy because of these.

The use of cameras and video recorders is permitted inside, but flash photography is forbidden. Be prepare there will be many people taking pics inside.

I was alone that night, so it was not easy to take these pics without worrying someone will steal my camera, as I was using a tripod. Fortunately, nothing happened.

Address: Musée du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France


Photos are compressed(low quality) and watermarked, contact me if you want the original.