Who Am I?

My name is Traven, I have my Creative Freelance Web Designer Team and a Finance Investment Team. If you are looking for a Freelance Web Designer to finish your project, make your business grow, you can hire on Traven Luc's website, our team does many kinds of freelance works, such as making an SEO-friendly website and design, you can check all of my services and portfolio on this website.

I need to hire a Freelancer in Hong Kong to promote my business, what languages should I use?

English and Cantonese(Traditional Chinese), please note that many HK people are not a fan of Simplified Chinese.

I need to hire a Freelancer in Belgium to promote my business, make an SEO friendly website, what languages and location should I target?

If you target the whole Belgium, your website should be in Dutch and French. If you target Flanders area only, Dutch will be enough. The south of Belgium, you can use French. And Brussels, mostly they use French. But it is the capital city of Belgium, a travel spot. They also use English a lot. But Dutch is not so much.I speak Chinese, English and Dutch. If you need French. I will outsource another Belgian Freelancer. Hope you will like Belgian Chocolate and French Belgian Fries. :)

Can you tell me more about yourself?

My name is Traven. I was born in Hong Kong, currently living in EU. I believe in entrepreneurship can make this world better. I owe two teams, a creative Freelancer team and a Finance Team. I manage all of my client's projects and accounts with my teammates.

If I hire you for photography, such as product shots, will you put your watermark on my pics?

When I receive the payment, I will send you all the pics without watermark. I will also put the watermarked version on my portfolio page. If you would not like your pics showed on my portfolio page, please let me know earlier.

Can I meet you in person and discuss my freelance project?

We can use Skype for a meeting. From my experiences, only using email to communicate is fine. I have been using it to finished many projects without meeting my clients, not even Skype.

How can I hire you?

You can hire me on Upwork (20% fee) or Freelancer.com(10% fee). If you never have an account with these websites before, you can contact me to open one and enjoy lower fee.I also prefer working with me directly, no extra fee or any other hidden fee. Please note that a pre-payment is required if you are a new client. The price depends on what kind of project. Usually 10%.

What are the advantages of hiring a freelancer?

Freelance is very flexible for both employer and freelancer. You don't need to worry about the traffic and employee being late to work. You can control when to start a project. You can hire someone outside your country. Find other creative freelancers to help your business. Especially if you want your business goes global, find someone who can translate your website is a must. You can also skip many meaningless interviews. Save your time to do more important tasks. From what I believe, a freelancer is very self-motivated. Otherwise, why would they start their freelance career?

Do you work with other Freelancers in other countries? Do you have a team?

I do have a Freelance Web Designer team, we can do web development, Graphic Design, and translate website content.

How can I contact you?

Email, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Line and Freelance website(Upwork & Freelancer.com)

What language do you speak?

Cantonese(Native) (Traditional Chinese), Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), English and Dutch(Flemish)

What is your time zone?

I travel a lot, I will let you know where I am.

What kind of freelance works do you do?

You can see the complete list on this website's footer and service page. Such as SEO, Web Development, Translation, Chinese web hosting etc...

What do you need from me if I hire you for a website?

Logo, images, content, Wordpress admin role and FTP.If you need me to point your domain to other host/CDN, change the DNS record, email setup etc. Please provide your CPanel login.*I will not share this information.

When can I get my files?

After I receive the payment, I will send you the final files.Before that, your files will be on my server or watermarked.

Will you back up my website?

Yes. If it is a Wordpress site, I will use a plugin - Updraftplus. I will also use it to migrate your Wordpress site.

What is your working hour?

Usually Monday to Friday. But a specific working hour is hard to say.I will manage my time for your project. Deliver the work before the deadline.Do you work on Saturday, Sunday or other holidays?Yes. But sometimes no, it depends on my schedule.

Do you build a website from scratch?

I understand client wants their website original and unique. But some of the codes are same. I will not work on something that is already done and perfect. Work smart, not hard. So for a framework, I use Bootstrap. If it is a Wordpress Theme, I will use my themes to work with, it can turn into any layouts. I will also install some must-have plugin like Yoast SEO, Security and Backup plugin. The advantage of open source is:If you have other Freelancers / your IT employees work on this project, they can easily understand the code. They don't need to spend hours to figure it out how I write the code. It is a waste of your valuable time. Don't worry. Your website will be original and unique.

Where can I check the progress of my freelance project?

We can use Google Sheet or Asana. You can see the update immediately.

Can I have an invoice?

If you need it, I can create it. If we work from Upwork and Freelancer.com, you can find your invoice there.

Do you have some examples of your Freelance work?

Yes, please go to my portfolio page, you will find most of my work there.

Do you do White-Hat SEO or Black-Hat SEO?

White-Hat SEO. If you want black-hat SEO for some reasons, I can do it. But please note that it won't work on Google. White-Hat SEO friendly website works better on Google, Black-hat SEO can not rank on top.

Will you show my finished project on your portfolio page?

Yes. I will update it on my website. If you don't want it, please let me know before we start the project.

Will you finish the project before the deadline?

Before we start the project, we will discuss when is the delivery date. If my workload is too much or I am too busy, I will suggest another date. If it is urgent, I will charge extra.

If you want your business to become creative, you must find a creative way to hire. - Traven Luc

Freelancer in Belgium Payment

How can I pay you?

on UpWork / Freelancer website or Bank transfer, you can use Transferwise, they accept 28 currencies, VISA Card and MasterCard. Transferwise is available in many countries.You can also use PayPal, but the fee is very high and the FX rate is not very close to the market. I suggest using Transferwise, if you signup with this link, your first €500 is free of charge.You can also pay in cryptocurrencies.

What currencies should I pay you?

Euro, USD and HKD.If you would like to use other currencies, you can signup Transferwise, you can pay in other currencies, they will do the FX. Transferwise FX rate is very close to the Forex Live Market, it is much better than PayPal. I also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, OMG, LTC etc...

Should I hire you for a fixed rate job or hourly rate job?

Client can choose.

What is your hourly rate?

Hard to say. It depends on what kind of projects. If you have a low budget, I might not accept. But if it is a simple task, I might accept.

Can I pay you extra to finish my project faster?


When is the payment due date?

When the project is finished, a client is required to settle the payment within 7 days, unless we agree on another term before we start the project or you are an old client, otherwise please settle the payment right away.If not paid within one month, you will be blacklisted on my Freelance network, I will also inform other top Freelancers.

I found other Freelancer charges me 10 times less of your price, why you charge me so much?

What you pay is what you get. You can always find someone who can do it for $5 on Fiverr. I am not judging that website nor the people who provide that kind of service and price. But you need to be careful, especially an SEO friendly website. Google update a lot, is your Freelancer using black SEO? Harmful backlinks? SEO bot? Copy and paste (Not original content)? It will harm your website. SEO takes time to master just like being a doctor.Will you pay to do your heart surgery for $100? Or 70,000 or more Which one do you feel safer?


If you can not find your answers here, please feel free to contact me. I will try to reply ASAP. Merci.Thanks.Dank u well. Traven

You deserve a stunning website - Traven Luc