Below photos were taken during winter in Eeklo – 11/December/2017. It was snowing that day. There was no one in the Meetjesland, I guess everyone was staying at home enjoying the “verwarming” which is perfect for me, so I can take some photos without spending time removing people with Photoshop. Last time it snowed like this was many years ago, but this time it only last one week, we also did not have white Christmas this year. The day I took these photos was not a sunny day, it was extremely windy, but I am still happy with the result. I hope you will like it too.

About Eeklo City

Eeklo(eke and lo) is a small city in Belgium, in East Flanders. The city name comes from the contraction of “eke” and “lo”. Postal codes: 9900. By the time of this writing, this city has around 20,000 population, 4 schools, some 3-star hotels and one new hospital (AZ Alma). There are some restaurants around the town hall which has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1999. If you live in that city, you will need to pay 80EURO(Year-2017) city tax every year, depends on how big your house/office.
Below photos are taken in Eeklo and some in Eeklo Meetjesland. In the meetjesland the park – “Heldenpark”, sometimes they have concerts during summer, there is also a nice playground and one Irish Bar. If you want a somewhere bigger, you can go to Het Leen, the forest open every day until sunset, you can walk there or drive there, there is a parking area which is free. It allows around 400 cars to park there. Fishing is permitted in some area, but only if you have a valid fishing permit. Dogs are welcome, you can also go cycling around. There is a cafeteria which opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.00 am to the closing time of the domain. Het leen is very big, you can get a floor plan there for 0.50EURO.

Transportation in Eeklo

It takes around 35 minutes to Bruges and around 30 minutes to Ghent with a car. If you are going to take public transportation, going to Bruges from Eeklo you can only take the bus but not train, so it depends on what bus you take, the slowest bus might take one hour. But going to Ghent, you can go with the train or the bus.

Going to the Netherlands, for example – Middelburg, it takes 55-65minutes(depends on the traffic), if you take N61 and N62, you need to pay the tunnel fee which is 5EURO. Unless you go there from Antwerp.

If you are a big fan of old trains, you can take the steam train from Eeklo to Balgerhoeke / to Maldegem. About the train timetable, you will need to go to their official website. Price is around 12EURO for an adult. If you take the steam train during a festival, the price will be a little bit higher. You can buy the ticket there with cash or card, you can only buy it online if there is an event.

Events in Eeklo

Every year the cyclo-cross race – The Grote Prijs takes place in this city. In summer the last weekend of July, they have Balloonmeeting in Meetjesland, you will find many hot-air balloons in the air during that weekend. Speaking of Meetjesland, they also offer concerts in summer. And the first weekend of October, the largest flea market in Flanders which is Kaaikeskermis will take place here.

Complete list of events

    • Flower market
    • Week of the Amateur Arts
    • Evening and Tambour market
    • Heritage Day
    • Annual market
    • Summer shopping
    • Summerfoor
    • Day of the Market
    • 11-day celebration (Eekloverdag)
    • Heroes in the Park
    • Meetjesland Balloon meeting
    • Jozefse Feesten
    • Herbakkers festival
    • Heritage Days
    • Day of the Customer
    • Kaai festivals
    • Winterfoor
    • Christmas shopping festival

Neighboring municipalities

  • Kaprijke
  • Lembeke (Kaprijke)
  • Waarschoot
  • Eastern shop (Zomergem)
  • Adegem (Maldegem)
  • Sint-Laureins

Fun Facts about Eeklo

– Only 32% of people in Eeklo are satisfied with the state of the cycling and walking paths in the city.

– 57% of people think Eeklo traffic is not safe enough for children to go to school alone.

– 81% of parents are satisfied with the local childcare.

– 74% of people are satisfied with the nature and green facilities in the neighborhood.

– 62% of the Eeklonaars are satisfied with the service in the city.

– For a house in Eeklo is around € 200,000, which is € 37,000 less than the average in the province of East Flanders.

All photos are compressed(low quality) and watermarked, contact me if you want the original.