Entrepreneur – Founder of Vosive. Born in HK, living in Europe, speak four languages, love reading, Mercedes Benz, traveling and playing the piano.


I believe a creative mind can make this world better.



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My name is Traven Luc, I was born in Hong Kong, currently living in Belgium, I speak English, Dutch, Cantonese and Mandarin.

I have 10 years of piano training, classical music and movie/game soundtrack are my favorite. My brother is an Art Director/Game Designer, and the oldest one is a Photographer. Maybe I was under the influence of them when I was young, therefore I like Art and Photography too.

I love design, design is not just about how it looks, but how it works. I worked as a graphic designer for two years, then worked as a web developer.

In 2013, I was crazy enough to quit my stable paid job, travel 5852 miles to a country I have never been and meet someone I have never seen before. But life begins when you leave your comfort zone. If you never take any risk in your life, your life will always be the same. Since then I have worked as a freelancer. Mostly web development for companies around the world.

But it was not enough! While working as a freelancer, I always wanted to build something new and learn something new, I refuse to live the “programmed life” which is:

– You come to this world
– You go to school
– You ask for fund to go to university
– You are looking for a job to pay off your university debt.
– You can’t find it.
– Then you find it but you hate it.
– You work until 65, a job that you hate.
– You retire
– You die

Most people die at 25, but they are not buried until 75.


In 2015 I founded Vosive, a place full of dreamers(or I should call it Actioner). Without the “Act”, you dream will always be a dream.

What’s the meaning of Vosive?

No meaning at all, I just need an unique name that is SEO-friendly. When you search that keyword “Vosive”, everything should be on top on Google.

Vosive – Here we teach people to manage their finances. People who want to have financial freedom. To know more, please visit this website.
I also have a telegram channel, I update economy news, chart analysis and everything else about finance.

That’s my story so far…

Traven Luc
– Last updated – 16-Nov-2016


Open your own online shop. Sell your product worldwide. You can start uploading your products and sell them to anyone in the world. You will be the boss, everything you earn will be 100% in your pocket, without paying extra fee to some e-commerce companies.

Web Development

Responsive Website that works on most mobile devices and browsers, Retina Ready, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JQuery, Bootstrap Framework, Wordpress, Woocommerce, SEO, Google Web Master, Advertisement(Adwords and Adsense), Multilingual Website and more.


Product Shoot, Landscape Photography, Real Estate, Photos Retouch or any images for advertisement and websites. I can also do Video Editing. You can see my videos here.

Responsive Website and ASO

You website will work on all browsers and mobile devices. Your app will rank high on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Modern Design

Web Design, LOGO Design, Brochure Design, Catalog Design and more.


If you want your business go global, having a multilingual website is a must, like English, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese...etc. Install WPML for your Wordpress. Location redirect and more.




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